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It’s a photography kind of day

These’s are just lovely… I also find our planets roll in all of this very fascinating.

Check the story here:

This guy needs to get on selling some prints!



Really feeling this dudes work… especially the sharks

Michael Muller

Cute baby?

I know this is old as fuck but this is probably my favourite video of all time… I have to have it on here! I just have to!

I hope I reminded you how awesome this video is :)

Doooin it.

Thrift store paintings that have been long forgotten turned into modern treasures! WIN!

This is such a fantastic idea! why waste time creating entire works of art when you can just do this?! love the art mashup vibes :)

Most of the above are from with a few random finds mixed in… i’m going to need to hit up a thrift store ASAP.

Ahhhh! such the cute idea.

i definitely want to try my hand at making these!

Tee shirt undies!! good for recycling all those band shirts you never wear… or is that just me?

I found this DIY article here:

They have included a pattern and such… doooo et.

Like Jesus

This song….

I (heart) bowie

Wallpaper! *jazz hands*

Can i tell you how fucking much i love wallpaper?….. i want to have its babies… that’s how much i love it.  Any who…. this is the first, of what i’m sure will be many, post of funky fresh wallpaper.

The Above is done by Camilla Diedrich

This is from  (TONS more awesome samples, pics were just shite quality)

Justin Van Hoy

Phenom! TRUST me there will be more!