Monthly Archives: September 2011

Some next level shit..

Very creative… you know the more stuff i find on the internet the more i feel artistically inept… why cant i think of these things!?!?

I think i need to lock myself in a quiet empty room and discover my true potential!

Artist- Mike Bell

The rest of his work and more matches here:


Sweet tutorial

How to take pictures of stars! I’ll be needing this later :)

Cute ground

I remember when i was a wee one my mother used to buy me fun little crafts and what not to create and enjoy… most likely because i was a hyper active child and it probably kept me occupied for more than 10 mins… any who one of the more cumbersome projects i took on was a latch hooking rug… did i finish it? prob not. did i enjoy it? i think so…? do i want to have another go as an adult? fuck yeah!

mmm projects i can start and never finish….

Cute rug eh? i think so

Here’s how you can do it :)

Promise it’s not hard… just stupid time consuming!

Needed this morning…

Listen when you’re falling asleep at work!

Letters to..

I found this pretty wicked site this morning….

I find correspondence lovely and this is giving me a hankerin to time out life for a moment and write someone special…. or maybe whip up a hate note? whateves


This is a list Johnny Cash made, which was posted on this particular site, it made me smile :)

check er out if you have a few spare hours.


Animals wear the darndest things…

Hipster dogs… yuppppppp.

i want to hate hipsters… but they’re just sooo cute!!

Dog dressed like Vader… no big deal

dog dressed like chewy… pretty big deal.

Jesus Christ… this is the coolest cat ever.. i mean bat…. bat cat?

Well Hello Clarice….

Cute lion.

Mmmmmmmm, tacos.

What the hell is it with overalls? you can literally put anyone or thing in them and said noun is instant cute…. shit.

hahaha i will own this cat… and soon.

awww! i want to squish!

Cute celeb photos

Walken as a young stud… i do declare! who am i kidding… i’d tap that now :D

This is probably the most wonderful of the bunch… he looks like such a trouble maker… swoon.

Silly Bowie.

Arrested in T. *shakes head*

I love candid photos of marilyn… she looked like a fun girl.

… and she was beautiful.

IN CANADA! yay! She would get photographed with a damn bear…

Neato painting of arnie…. guys jacked.

Ohhh Audrey, if only we were of the same time…. we would have been besties :D