This is what you should look like this fall: Pt 1

I’m surfing and i’ve decided to post all the things i love for this season cuz it’s getting pretty cute on this desktop :)

Isabel Marant

These pants!! i must find them.

This sweater is gorg, i wish i was snuggled in it right now! it’s starting to get cold up in this bitch.

I’m pretty sure i only like this dress because it happens to be the old school colours of my precious precious Vancouver Canucks… ohh and i love knits…. i should probably make this my new jersey.

Alexander Wang

I <3 the look of these poncho type jackets. I like to consider myself a connoisseur of hoodies and this party on the top business on the bottom garment Alexander has crafted is the bees knees in my books…  here’s another variation

This is less every day, more evening.. love love love

Alice + Olivia

You know when you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? … Same goes for outerwear when cold… who knew! I want it all.

Antonio Marras

This sweater is soo my vibe…. love nautical themes


Jesus Christ i love this dress… i would consider conceiving my children in it.


YUPP!… don’t really need to say anything else.

I like that this is a pull over.

Band of Outsiders

Cute lining! i wish i wasn’t all vertically challenged and dirty otherwise i would prob wear something like this.

I should buy this for my boyfriend… the dick harness BETTER be included.

Ok, sooooo… i made it to the B’s and i’m tuckered…  Part 2 tomorrow xox


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