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Ohhh you.



Yes, yes, i know Halloween is dead and gone but everyone has been posting their halloween costumes on the internets and i cant resist a little photo list of my favs… think next year people!
I must start this list off with a series of my favourite robots… i love robots…. i’ll probably be that creepy person in the future that tries to mate with one.
 You don’t fuck around with Optimus and ESPECIALLY not beer box Optimus
 Sweet sweet awesome-o
I want to seriously squish this kid, he’s so cute… He makes the perfect Max
UP! again… *squish*
This is borderline Toddlers and Tiaras and why is it that every time someone does lucy it looks a little like a drag getup? I’m not gunna lie tho… this lil’ bitch is Pullin. It. Off.
I wish this baby was mine, i’d dress him this way every year! i love the accuracy of his sign… literally working for candy.
This is old but i don’t care it was epic when it came out… epic now.. and will remain epic until planet death.
 This one takes balls Because you’re going against Bowie… A for effort tho.
Well that’s it i guess… until next year the *curtsy*

I lost my ipod :*(

Ohhh how i miss thee ipod darling… fortunately losing an ipod isn’t like losing a spouse and i’ll have a replacement in no time! (hello birthday!) it shall be a filthy whore of a rebound and yes i’m doing the blasphemous “trade up” for a younger model but enough is enough i need on-the-go music back in my life as the news paper makes me anxious (second rate subway boredom outlet) and my boyfriend is surely getting sick of the incessant sing-a-longs i’m subjecting him to!

I will leave you with this… and my love.

Suri’s Burn Book

Not too long ago i found this delight of a blog… don’t ask me how, it escapes me! Any who it is hilarious! if you don’t love Suri Cruise you will after this… for no reason

Ohhh Suri! i want to be YOUR best friend!

Ok so please enjoy this lovely lovely treasure of a website

That is all.

Cuz knowledge is power

Cute n’ Easy Decor

I saw my friend creepin this blog

its a goodie!

Check out this post! you can make a piece of similar art by spending a couple of bucks at goodwill or using an old painting from home! totally cute!

Aakash Nihalani

I love all the geometric shapes and fun colours, i would love to do this in my home… would almost make you feel like you were living in a dream world :)