The street’s a creep!

Well hello there, I don’t know if you remember the last time i put up some super sweet street… styled….. *trying to keep up the alliteration*…. (S)art! but if you don’t, i said there would be more… and i’m only kind of a liar, So here’s more!

This particular batch is stuff i found kinda creepy… and by creepy i mean pieces of art i would most likely pose with, dance round and hump!

Poor don’t walk…

I would probably hump this piece…. mostly because it’s so grotesque! Also he seems surprised…. it’s the look i normally get when humping others.

I feel like he eats paste…

A man named Scott Beseler created these bad boys…. most likely for those who occasionally get the urge to hold someones hand whilst walking.. personally, i would use them in a slew of different ways: beating small children, beating slow walkers, beating big children, beating the homeless (only aggressive ones, i’m not THAT mean!) and, of course, ¬†beating any elderly person that exits a building of any kind during rush hour and then stands in the street looking confused…. arms for everything!

Nice rack!

Thick like a mailbox! I’m going to start using this to describe women’s figures. Don’t hate. “ohhh gurrrrl, you know she be thick like a mailbox!”

OMG i wanna vom confetti soooooo bad…. as i can’t, as a passer by, i would probably pose underneath the stream… much like a baby fresh out of the womb *SURPRISE!*, or maybe rub his back.

He’s pretty cute! i’d dance with him, on him, around him.. IN HIM.

This guy 100% eats garbage.. and correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure he also eats babies… only prom ones tho

Pew pew pew…


One response to “The street’s a creep!

  1. Hahahahaha… ummm, can we make a large amount of googly eyes and then go around downtown super gluing them to dumpsters? so easy and so great.

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