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Sci-fi fashionistas

This is just great…. i want them all.

wooszoo on etsy

Have a look at them all in their shop!


NYC Metro Card Collages

Metro Card Collages By Nina Boesch

This is Soooo cool! check them out!

I want to live here

“Panic Room” by Tilt

Amazing…. i love the contrast; although i would probably end up colouring the entire room :P

The street’s a creep!

Well hello there, I don’t know if you remember the last time i put up some super sweet street… styled….. *trying to keep up the alliteration*…. (S)art! but if you don’t, i said there would be more… and i’m only kind of a liar, So here’s more!

This particular batch is stuff i found kinda creepy… and by creepy i mean pieces of art i would most likely pose with, dance round and hump!

Poor don’t walk…

I would probably hump this piece…. mostly because it’s so grotesque! Also he seems surprised…. it’s the look i normally get when humping others.

I feel like he eats paste…

A man named Scott Beseler created these bad boys…. most likely for those who occasionally get the urge to hold someones hand whilst walking.. personally, i would use them in a slew of different ways: beating small children, beating slow walkers, beating big children, beating the homeless (only aggressive ones, i’m not THAT mean!) and, of course,  beating any elderly person that exits a building of any kind during rush hour and then stands in the street looking confused…. arms for everything!

Nice rack!

Thick like a mailbox! I’m going to start using this to describe women’s figures. Don’t hate. “ohhh gurrrrl, you know she be thick like a mailbox!”

OMG i wanna vom confetti soooooo bad…. as i can’t, as a passer by, i would probably pose underneath the stream… much like a baby fresh out of the womb *SURPRISE!*, or maybe rub his back.

He’s pretty cute! i’d dance with him, on him, around him.. IN HIM.

This guy 100% eats garbage.. and correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure he also eats babies… only prom ones tho

Pew pew pew…

Creative photo dump!

hahahahhahaha just kidddddddding!

This big fella is bringing sexy house back ya’ll

Cute bush!

This is just great.

Ohh hayyy Jon Snow By justin Sweet

Mike Doyle’s abandoned Lego house

Jon Larriva- Wiiiiicked pic of Jeff Goldblum… who is one of my favourites BTW

Dane Lovett- God i love VHS

… I have no words… need a copy of this.

Valerie Hegarty

Awesome work! 

Who doesn’t love decrepit old things and destruction?

Aakash Nihalani

I love all the geometric shapes and fun colours, i would love to do this in my home… would almost make you feel like you were living in a dream world :)