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Sci-fi fashionistas

This is just great…. i want them all.

wooszoo on etsy

Have a look at them all in their shop!


NYC Metro Card Collages

Metro Card Collages By Nina Boesch

This is Soooo cool! check them out!

Just some stuff….

You have no idea how badly i need this…


This is the family my mother adopted me from… pretty sure…

I was too cool to fall for this….



This is lovely :)

Ohhhhh gurrrrrl, you know its true :)

Everyone needs hipster glasses

xoxoxoxoxox <3


Fucking cool fish bowl! i wish i had money to waste on this….

Cute celeb photos

Walken as a young stud… i do declare! who am i kidding… i’d tap that now :D

This is probably the most wonderful of the bunch… he looks like such a trouble maker… swoon.

Silly Bowie.

Arrested in T. *shakes head*

I love candid photos of marilyn… she looked like a fun girl.

… and she was beautiful.

IN CANADA! yay! She would get photographed with a damn bear…

Neato painting of arnie…. guys jacked.

Ohhh Audrey, if only we were of the same time…. we would have been besties :D



Cute book.

pretty cool sketch book i must say!

You can get it here:


I dont play guitar or anything but i have lots of friends that do and i really think this would come in some serious handy… just sayin. Added to my christmas list!

You can find it here: