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Mafuckin Halloween

This was where i was going to say i LOOOOOVE halloween costumes and such… but then i remembered that every year i go out, spend $50 on random nonsense, get all excited and then day of realize what a tool i look like and throw on cat ears or a black wig…. think lydia deetz/mia wallace.  I’ll do it again this year… yayyyyyy.

Any who…. for your enjoyment… people who are better at halloween than I.


Amy and Kif… i like.

He’s going for a skuttle.

I wish i worked with this person.

The winners, by far! party on boys.

At least he can laugh about it….

cha cha cha chia…

He pities no one.

Cute Warhol

Hope the brow is real.

Where’s dug?

Ahhhhh, i want to squish.

SOLID costume

YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP… i wish you could hear me, i’m quite good at this impression.

Soooooo, wig again?



Last week at work… i’m cleanin up my computer darlings! enjoy :)

Jesus is such a slut!

The divine drop…


You do! it’s true!

Kitty La Forge

2 questions… where does one get this film? and is it a porn?


If this isn’t a real Gucci ad i’m going to shit my pants out of anger…


This is great… but in my house it would be the guest bathroom! ya dunn know mine will be star trek themed.

Stoned college kid FTW!

Oh dear…. so much junk in that trunk.

The street’s a creep!

Well hello there, I don’t know if you remember the last time i put up some super sweet street… styled….. *trying to keep up the alliteration*…. (S)art! but if you don’t, i said there would be more… and i’m only kind of a liar, So here’s more!

This particular batch is stuff i found kinda creepy… and by creepy i mean pieces of art i would most likely pose with, dance round and hump!

Poor don’t walk…

I would probably hump this piece…. mostly because it’s so grotesque! Also he seems surprised…. it’s the look i normally get when humping others.

I feel like he eats paste…

A man named Scott Beseler created these bad boys…. most likely for those who occasionally get the urge to hold someones hand whilst walking.. personally, i would use them in a slew of different ways: beating small children, beating slow walkers, beating big children, beating the homeless (only aggressive ones, i’m not THAT mean!) and, of course,  beating any elderly person that exits a building of any kind during rush hour and then stands in the street looking confused…. arms for everything!

Nice rack!

Thick like a mailbox! I’m going to start using this to describe women’s figures. Don’t hate. “ohhh gurrrrl, you know she be thick like a mailbox!”

OMG i wanna vom confetti soooooo bad…. as i can’t, as a passer by, i would probably pose underneath the stream… much like a baby fresh out of the womb *SURPRISE!*, or maybe rub his back.

He’s pretty cute! i’d dance with him, on him, around him.. IN HIM.

This guy 100% eats garbage.. and correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure he also eats babies… only prom ones tho

Pew pew pew…

The junk in my trunk (computer)

This is fucking trrrrrue!

Cute taco

ohh man i would put soooo much stuff in that taco…

I have been tempted to write this on every floor of my apartment…



Ughhh i need a kitty!!!!

My future car :)

The Ol’ Photo Dump

This makes me cry with laughter… The women in my family are knitters..

I drew this with microsoft Paint a few years back… it’s sandra bernhards uber famous mouth, yeah baby! Love it.

Haters gunna hate.

Words to live by my friends…

Hauntingly beautiful.

This is probably the greatest image ever made.

Precious’ life is turning around folks! She joined Star Fleet!

What fun that was!!!

Until next time lovelies <3




Yes, yes, i know Halloween is dead and gone but everyone has been posting their halloween costumes on the internets and i cant resist a little photo list of my favs… think next year people!
I must start this list off with a series of my favourite robots… i love robots…. i’ll probably be that creepy person in the future that tries to mate with one.
 You don’t fuck around with Optimus and ESPECIALLY not beer box Optimus
 Sweet sweet awesome-o
I want to seriously squish this kid, he’s so cute… He makes the perfect Max
UP! again… *squish*
This is borderline Toddlers and Tiaras and why is it that every time someone does lucy it looks a little like a drag getup? I’m not gunna lie tho… this lil’ bitch is Pullin. It. Off.
I wish this baby was mine, i’d dress him this way every year! i love the accuracy of his sign… literally working for candy.
This is old but i don’t care it was epic when it came out… epic now.. and will remain epic until planet death.
 This one takes balls Because you’re going against Bowie… A for effort tho.
Well that’s it i guess… until next year the *curtsy*

Cuz knowledge is power