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Weeeeeeeee, this song warms my life.


Can’t get enough of this song…

Dancing in my work chair <3

We dip!

All the other ones had ADs… balls.


Throw back baby!

check this shit out!

wicked band check em out and like them on facebook!

This song makes me wanna dance like a ROBOT jdklsdjkladjksaldjsakl!!!


I lost my ipod :*(

Ohhh how i miss thee ipod darling… fortunately losing an ipod isn’t like losing a spouse and i’ll have a replacement in no time! (hello birthday!) it shall be a filthy whore of a rebound and yes i’m doing the blasphemous “trade up” for a younger model but enough is enough i need on-the-go music back in my life as the news paper makes me anxious (second rate subway boredom outlet) and my boyfriend is surely getting sick of the incessant sing-a-longs i’m subjecting him to!

I will leave you with this… and my love.