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Shit girls say – Episode 2


Shit Girls Say

TOO funny… and true.

Animals are funny

I have 3 animals… i’ve had this amount of animals for most of my life, and let me tell you they are the bees knees, loveable, entertaining and generally funnnnnnn-ny! but after reviewing the following images i’ve determined that these animals are clearly much better than mine….

A few words… as apparently i incorrectly uploaded these photos and cannot write underneath them individually… 1) super cat is miiint 2) “flies fucking” is miiiiint! *side note, someone actually painted this image and sold it on etsy… they are miiint too! 3) rapping kitty is miiiiiiiiint 4) whoever tied the balloon to the bird is clearly amazing… yes it’s mildly disturbing but it still made me chuckle quite a bit… cheeky lil bastard. Also, they are miiiiiiint 5) hahah i have 2 little yorkies and whether you want to or not they ARE this spoiled… in every house hold… rich/poor, young/old.. in sickness and in heath! they just posses powers that make you treat them like infant babies!… cuz they’re mint. 6) i wanna drink with this dog.. and i will! cuz i’m mint.

Suri’s Burn Book

Not too long ago i found this delight of a blog… don’t ask me how, it escapes me! Any who it is hilarious! if you don’t love Suri Cruise you will after this… for no reason

Ohhh Suri! i want to be YOUR best friend!

Ok so please enjoy this lovely lovely treasure of a website

That is all.

Epic tats… one might be NSFW

courtesy of

Just a few of my favs…

Sigh… i wish that was my back.. i’m not bold enough to have JPL all up on me like that but a girl can dream.

I’m sorry, i had too…. this person is fucked…. also hilarious.

If you dont like Seinfeld you can kindly fuck off… also you wont be getting soup.

I love this cuz it’s risque.

i love you joe dirt.

I like this cuz its what my friends call me… nice right?

actually, a very nice rendition…. maybe i’m just hungry …


Funny graffiti

I need to start carrying around a sharpie… ohh wait i do! I guess i just need to start being more clever…

This is a true story bro….

Brilliant… can anyone give me a good reference?

Words to live by

ahhh hahahahah Slut pwnage

mmm i need me one of those in my house!


i love nonsense

ohhhh them brits…..

I sincerely hope we have the same sense of humor and you shall return to this page for that reason… dick and fart jokes anyone?